Our Story

Creating the Intersection between Art, Technology, and Culture

Born on the Internet, Built for the World.

Born from a vision to fuse the realms of art and technology, aKIDcalledBEAST represents the vertex of digital collectibles. Our team, a blend of artists, developers, and visionaries, has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible since our mint in early 2023.

We're not just creating assets; we're cultivating a community united by a passion for art, innovation, and the endless possibilities of Web3 and beyond.

Interactive Ownership: A Universe of Membership Exclusive Opportunities

Intellectual Property Rights: Through AKCB ownership, holders are bestowed with exclusive membership privileges, including Intellectual Property Rights to their unique beast, empowering them with control and creative freedom.

Education: Our community-driven education initiatives open new pathways in 3D Art and Technology, enriching our holders with knowledge and skills for the digital age.

Technological Advancements: As we venture into new realms of innovation in the Web3 space, including Augmented Reality, Gaming, and Metaverse Technologies, our community is right there with us, experiencing the forefront of technological evolution.

Token Gated Rewards: AKCB holders enjoy a myriad of benefits, from community claims to free giveaways, and token-gated website exclusives, ensuring a rewarding and engaging experience.

Community: The community behind AKCB is filled with like minded individuals who all share a immense passion for curating and creating inside the expanding world of web3 and its respected technologies. This helps to instantly foster a sense of belonging and connection within our vibrant community.

Events: Holders of aKIDcalledBEAST gain exclusive access to Online and IRL events.